luminous bar system for freshwater and marine aquariums



For tanks up to 90 x 70 cm

SilverMoon ReefBlu

The depth blue for reef aquariums is generated by a mixture of Royal Deep Blue 450nM and Royal Blue 465nM LEDs that provide the SilverMoon Reef Blue spectrum to better breed corals SPS and LPS.


It stimulates photosynthesis and enhances the growth of the animals, giving the tank a pleasant reverb effect.

SilverMoon Actinic

The perfect blend of UV 405 nM and Royal Blu 458 nM LEDs reproduces the natural conditions of actinic blue light that stimulates coral growth by interacting on the photosynthesis.

SilverMoon Actinic generates the typical colour of coral reefs necessary for the absorption of chlorophyll and the development of zooxanthellae; the benefits of actinic action highlight the fluorescence of deep-sea animals.

​Universal management and control.
Connected WiFi with any device via browser, allows complete control.

SilverMoon Marine

A complete spectrum for the marine aquarium that makes it possible to breed the most difficult SPS corals; with a mixture of white LEDs 10,000 kelvin and Royal Blu 460nM mixed in equal measure you get the growth and development of the most photosensitive animals.

​The diffused light allows the tank to be covered even in depth.

SilverMoon Universal

The perfect blend of white 6,500 kelvin LEDs, RoyalBlu 450nM and Deep Red 660nM make SilverMoon Universal ideal for planted aquariums rich in animals; the spectrum is complete and natural; the homogeneous diffusion of light increases growth and colors like the sun at its peak.