BluRay S

for seawater aquariums

BluRay S

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BluRay S


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for tanks up to 45 x 40 cm

Performance and reliability

The dimensions are extremely compact (300x230x40mm) and thanks to the use of high luminous efficiency LEDs (160 lumen/W white LEDs, 200milliW blue LEDs and 180 milliW red LEDs with high radiometric flux), BluRay M provides exceptional performance with maximum 65 watts.

The passive heat sink in anodized aluminium allows the LEDs to operate at the correct temperature, to be quiet and to last for a long time without any maintenance.


Sunray Diffusion System

With its 126 correctly proportioned LEDs the light is uniform and diffused throughout the tank, the spectrum is complete (430-670nM) and fully manageable to optimize the growth and colors of all animal species living in a reef.


Blu Asymmetric System

Deep research studies over the years have allowed GNC to create "Blu Asymmetric System" technology that reproduces the natural light conditions for fish and corals by selecting the perfect LED mixture and avoiding light spikes that damage the most photosensitive animals.


Universal Management and Control

A simple controller allows colour dimming from 0 to 100%, while sunrise and sunset set can be adapted to your needs by changing both the start time and duration. In addition, the SuperCap System keeps the watch running for more than three hours in the event of a power failure..

BluRay S light spectrum