for seawater aquariums


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For tanks up to 90 x 70 cm

Sunray Diffusion System
With its 588 LEDs, properly proportioned, light is uniform and diffused over the tank, the spectrum is complete (430-670nM) and entirely manageable to optimize growth and the colours of all the animal species living in a reef.


Blu Asymmetric System
Detailed research studies over the years have allowed GNC to create "Blu Asymmetric System" technology that reproduces the natural lighting conditions for fish and corals selecting the perfect blend of LED lights and avoiding peaks that harm the most photosensitive animals.


High luminous efficiency
The dimensions are extremely compact (400x300x40mm) and through the use of LEDs with high luminous efficiency (white LEDs 160 lm/W, blue LEDs 200 mW and red LEDs 180 mW with high radiometric flux), BluRay provides outstanding performance with up to 130W.
The passive heat sink, in anodized aluminum, allows the correct operating temperature of the LEDs, silence and a perfect duration in time without maintenance.

Universal management and control
The WiFi connection by any device, allows you to set all parameters using the browser. The dimming of the color from 0 to 100%, is very simple, while the sunrise and sunset effects can be adjusted according your needs by changing either the start time or duration. The SuperCap System, moreover, maintains active clock functionality for over three hours in case of black-out.

BluRay light spectrum