About us

Who drives us is passion...

Our passion was born from a distance in a room where instead of watching television we contemplated the aquariums.


The fishes, the corals, the aquatic plants were all different and putting them together was like putting the characters in a fantastic, mysterious, dramatic and beautiful story.


The great passion for electronics and lighting has created in us the desire to give to that beautiful painting called aquarium, the quality at the highest levels.

So this adventure was born that since 2009 is giving us great satisfaction; study and research of the best solutions, design and production totally Made in Italy allow us to guarantee a high and constant quality level and impeccable service.

Because GNC is not only the acronym of Genio Born to Create but a company that has the ambition to offer the best possible for all lovers of aquariology, combining sensitivity to the animal world, design research and innovation.


The satisfaction of our customers is the result of the sensitivity and listening we have towards them, the knowledge of the LED sector and the continuous search for solutions is the means to surprise and excite!

...and the will to surprise.



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